Restaurant Alert: Hippo

HIPPO (Highland Park Post Office) in Highland Park opens to rave reviews…

Just tried HIPPO, Matt Molina’s new digs on Figueroa in Highland Park. You may remember Matt Molina from Mozza. He now has several James Beard awards strapped tightly under his belt and with your first look at his menu you’ll know why. To begin – the space is cool, hip and ‘oh so’ Highland Park (this coming from a tried and true Pasadena Lady). We almost had everything on the menu (those of you who know my eating style say, “what’s new”), but tops on my list (other than noshing on the chewy pizza-like bread) were the pastas (another non-surprise), delicious home made corn pasta, lasagne verde, and more… Salads were also amazing, don’t miss the wax beans, ceviche was Pacific Ocean fresh and flavorful. You ask about wine, well, surprisingly enough Matt’s partner is none other than Silver Lake Wine’s Randy Clement. Salute! We chose to go with an Italian Red (or two) both chosen by head wine guru aka sommelier, David Rosoff, who knows his stuff! PS… great Bar (where you can also dine) features well known bartender Clare Ward, so cocktails are killer too! Don’t miss HIPPO – a super comfortable upscale environment with a huge palate. Reservations are necessary (unless you’re planing to eat at the Bar) and found on

HIPPO ADJACENT… Triple Beam Pizza and Highland Park Wine

…and while you’re visiting HIPPO, don’t miss OR should I say you can’t miss Triple Beam Pizza, a Nancy Silverton and drumroll… Matt Molina pay by the weight Roman-style Pizza. Silverlake Wine owner Randy Clement is involved here too, so again it’s easy to enjoy a delicious bottle of wine from sister shop HIGHLAND PARK WINE, while you enthusiastically gnaw away on your mouthwatering pizza. There are oodles of outside tables and the scene is SUPER casual and picnic-esque! Go back for more or better yet, take it to go, the menu frequently updates!